At BungsRUs we carry over 180 drum/barrel adapters from all over the world. In order to determine the right adapter for your drum we require specific information from the drum itself. The first piece of information we need is the full 2-line UN number on the drum. Below is an example of the full 2-line UN number. The second piece of information we need is the drum plug outside diameter. This is measured from thread to thread. Below is an example. 1 millimeter can be the difference between 2 different drum adapters. So, we do require the drum plug outside diameter to be measured in millimeters.

We can take you from these drums to a 2” NPT female or a ¾” NPT female.

Due to contamination issues from chemical drums, we do not accept returns or replace any adapters after sale. We do not offer refunds, exchanges or credits. All sales are final.

Please fill in the drop-down boxes below so we can find the adapter you require.

  • 2 Line UN#

  • Outside Diameter